About Miyabe

Unmatched Aesthetics: Elevate your style with glasses that boast expressive and unique shapes achievable only through 3D printing. Unlike traditional manufacturing techniques like pressing, molding, or cutting, 3D printing allows for intricate and personalized designs, making your eyewear a true expression of individuality.

Durability and Flexibility: Experience eyewear that goes beyond the norm in terms of durability and flexibility, thanks to the distinctive properties of 3D printed materials. Enjoy glasses that not only look good but also offer a robust and flexible design, ensuring a long-lasting and comfortable wear.

The Finishing Touches: Each Miyabe frames is created by layering thousands of Nylon particles using classic designs to create a unique look and feel yet rooted in the familiar. We added a titanium ring inside the frame to ensure lens stability, elevate the frame with titanium nose pads, and a titanium temple to make the frame feather-light and incredibly durable.

Why 3-D Printed Eyewear?

3-D printing is a very new and cutting-edge technology and technique for eyewear production. We at the Mott Optical Group are always staying at the forefront of technological innovation in eyewear design and production.

Just like how eyewear materials evolved from injection plastics to all-natural wood and cotton fiber acetate and from relatively heavy monel steel to light-weight titanium, we believe 3-D printing will be the next standard of creating incredibly designed, comfortable, and customizable eyewear. 

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