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From our humble beginning at the corner of Mott St and Bayard St to today, the story of Mott Optical Group is a love story between your smile and your eyes.

We simply love seeing you look and feel your best. We’ve expressed our love for over 25 years by exceeding our patients' expectations in providing professional eye care services, offering an unparalleled array of stylish and high quality eyewear, and dedicating ourselves to our people and community. These three pillars are how we define our company and we will continue to push new boundaries in delivering exceptional shopping experience.

Mott Optical Group strives to be one of the TOP optical/eye care providers in New York. We want to earn our customers' trust through constantly offering superior products and services that make them feel and look good. We are genuinely interested in educating our customers and will not compromise ethics or integrity in the name of profits. Customers' satisfaction is our drive and ultimate goal of doing this business.

  • Continually build stronger relationships with customers and fellow colleagues
  • Continually improve our service quality and find new ways to better serve our customers
  • Extend our family based values to the customers we serve, partners we work with, and eventually the communities we live in
  • Be humble and keep an open mind






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