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For over 30 years, the Mott Optical group has the reputation of being the top-rated eye care company that seeks to provide patients with best in class solutions that will make them look and see great. Over the years, we have excelled in satisfying our large clientele base with top-notch services and products that exceed their expectations.

Nothing beats the joy of us seeing our customers feel and look great and undertake their day-to-day activities free of the stress of unclear vision or ill-fitting glasses. This is why Mott Optical has been staying ahead of its competitors in the field. We have stood out in providing our clients with professional eye care and high-quality eye-wear products.

Providing you and your family, friends, and the Chinatown, Flushing, Forest Hills, Tribeca and Sunset Park Brooklyn community with comprehensive eye care has been our goal.. We provide extensive optical solutions for children, adults, and seniors and diagnosis and manage eye diseases are a specialty we pursue with passion.

We Strive to be the Best Eyecare Center

At Mott Optical, we will enhance your vision and make it easy for you to undertake your daily routines stress-free. And when it comes to shopping for any of our extensive collection of eyewear, we make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience. We continue to enhance our customer experience in-store and online.

How Mott Optical Has Excelled in Offering
Top-notch Eye Solutions in Chinatown

Our Staff

Our team of eye care professionals are well-trained, experienced, and understand what it takes to provide customers the best services. You can talk to our optometrists or eyewear consultants and find out how they can help.

Our Eye Exam

We offer a wide array of eye care services and use the latest technologies to diagnose a wide range of eye diseases. You will get more than a prescription to correct your vision at Mott Optical. We check for early stages of diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration through our medical eye exams. We identify eye diseases early and help safeguard your sight.

High-quality Eyeglasses

We have a wide collection of eyewear, and you will not miss a design that fits your needs. Top international fashion houses such as Chanel, Cartier, Prada, Burberry, and Gucci come to the Mott Optical Group first to showcase their latest collection. Typically, we get a new collection of designer brands a few months ahead of our competitors. Independent eyewear with design awards, innovative eyewear designs, and impeccable craftsmanship line our shelves waiting for you to experience next-level quality eyewear.

Most Insurance plans accepted

Many people in need of eye solutions fret about the cost of these services and products. We take most vision insurance so you can be sure you can either get a frame provided by your insurance for little to no cost or at a great discount from your insurance plan. There is always something for everyone at Mott Optical and we promise our clients affordable eye care solutions and will work with you to find an eye care solution to fit your budget.

Get the Best Eye Care Services Today

Getting the eye care you need should not be a hassle. We are your go-to eye care service provider in Chinatown, Forest Hills, Flushing, Tribeca, and Sunset Park and we are more than willing to help. Call us today to book an appointment.






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