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Mott Optical Group sincerely believes that one of the most important things that a child should have at an early age is clear vision. Children should have their eyes checked annually when they first enroll in school. As a way to give back to the community, Mott Optical Group initiated a "Clarity Today" Vision Screening Program to help children have healthy vision at a young age. Every year, we offer FREE vision screenings for kids up to the fifth grade who study at local public schools. See this year's recap here.





Mott Optical Group is a proud supporter of the New Eyes for Needy. Established in 1932, New Eyes provides people in the United States with eye glasses and send recycled eyeglasses to needy people overseas. Every Mott Optical Group store is a dedicated donation center for used eyeglasses. We collect old glasses from our customers and donate them to the New Eyes for Needy each year. If you are interested in making a donation, find a store near you today.





LUNAR NEW YEAR FESTIVAL-Mott Optical Group is proud to be a sponsor of the Lunar New Years Festival in the past two years. This event is organized by Xi'an Famous Foods, a local restaurant chain that is popular among Asian communities and the general young Americans. The goal of this event is to raise money for the APEX foundation, which is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting the young, Asian immigrants and their development. 




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