Optical Lenses


Optical Lenses

Seeing is believing with our customized lenses to fit your vision needs
"Great eyeglasses are only as good as the lenses you see through."

At Mott Optical Group stores, we provide the most technologically advanced, customized lenses to meet your vision needs. Whether your concern is to find light weight lenses, glare reduction, or sun protection, our professional eyewear consultants are more than happy to assist you to find the most suitable lenses for your needs.


Neoptecs is our premium and exclusive single vision lens that is offered at all Mott Optical Group stores. 

Anti-reflective coating is included for all our Neoptics lenses. We offer standard lenses (CR-39), Polycarbonate, High-index lenses available in thin (1.60), super thin (1.67), and the thinnest lens on the market (1.74) for those high prescriptions.

In the last five years, the Crizal family has made remarkable advances in the lens' development.

Here at Mott Optical Group we are able to offer our customers the level of protection they need to keep their vision crisp and clear for the life span of their glasses. The Crizal line of advanced coatings provides unparalleled scratch, dust, water, and smudge resistance so you can spend more time seeing through your lenses and less time cleaning them.  

How great would it be if you don't have to switch between your sunglasses and your regular clear glasses? 

Now you can with Transition® lenses. Transitions lenses are a type of photochromic lenses that change color with the presence of UV. They will gradually change from clear indoors to dark outdoors adding time and money saving convenience. Transitions lenses block 100% of the UV rays and are available in both grey and brown tints.  

At Mott Optical Group, we primarily offer the most technologically advanced progressive lenses from Hoya and Varilux.

From Varilux, we offer Physic, Physio Enhanced, and other progressive lenses in their extensive portfolio. From Seiko, we offer Premier 2 and Prestige line. There is no “one-size-fits all” option for progressives wearers so progressive lens fittings require careful consultation from one of our opticians or eye care experts to determine which progressives fit your lifestyle.