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  Asian Fit Eyewear Specialists in NYC

While curating eyewear for our optical, our buyers saw that most designer brands catered their eyewear towards those with more Caucasian facial features (like a higher nose-bridge). 

People from other ethnicities, especially Asian ones, have had a hard time finding frames that fit them right; 

frames that do not slide down their nose or sit too close to the cheeks.

On more than a few occasions we heard many of our clients concerned about how their glasses fit and even wondered out-loud what was wrong with either their face or our selection of eyewear.

Asian facial features have higher cheek-bones and shallower nose-bridges; most eyewear collections do not cater to those needs.

We wanted to source and design frames that sit higher on the bridge of the nose, lifting glasses away from the cheekbones making them more comfortable to wear. 

Our Asian Fit eyeglasses are also ideal for wide noses, small noses, and flat noses.

We developed our exclusive titanium based Suki eyewear with nose pads and our acetate based  Mott and Bayard eyewear with extended nose-pads, a flatter tilt, and with lighter more premium materials. 

We also partnered with our friends at the top designer fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Burberry, and Tom Ford to source their Asian fit styles that previously were exclusive to their Asian markets. 

What is Asian Fit? 

Asian fit eyewear are frames with nose-pads attached to them. For Plastic or Acetate frames, it means that there is a built up plastic bridge. Usually plastic frames either do not build up their bridge or it is very small, only a few centimeters big. We make sure our Asian fit eyewear is at least 8 mm to provide less sliding and more support. Also, a lot of regular fitting frames have tilts into the face. Our Asian fit is designed so there is minimal tilt and the frame will lie parallel with the face so it doesn’t sit uncomfortably on the cheeks. 

These Asian-fit styles are not only for Asians, they can be for anyone who needs a little extra support in the nose-bridge area. 

We can also turn any regular fitting acetate or plastic frames into an Asian fitting one by simply adding nose pads to them

You can shop our Asian fit styles online or book an appointment to come to your nearest Mott Optical Group store to find our exclusive Asian fit collection. 

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