What are the Types of Contact Lenses?

Different Types of Contact Lenses

Different Types of Contact Lenses

Before deciding on the type of contact lenses that you will buy, you must be familiar with all the types. Besides, you should not buy the first one you see as you may end up buying the wrong one. It is important to get the right one. There are some people who switch from one type of contact lenses to another from time to time. That is actually not such a bad idea as it will give your eyes the feeling of added comfort to each one. Hence, you're going to know which of them would benefit your eyes the most. 

Better consult the eye experts and tell them exactly what you are feeling. They will give you a ton of options and you will be the one to make the selection. Making a decision is a lot harder than it seems because of all the nice options presented right in front of you. Here are the main types of contact lenses:

Soft Contact Lenses

Wearing Soft Contact Lense

You won't feel a thing when you are wearing this type of contact lenses. It is so soft that it makes you feel pretty comfortable while you are wearing it. Additionally, you may want to wear it for an extended period of time. That is not possible though as you should only wear it up to the recommended time. After that, it would be time to buy another set no matter how improved your vision has become. 

Nobody will actually notice that you are wearing contact lenses when you are wearing soft ones. It will also feel cold in your eyes as you can't help but smile when you talk to someone. It is no surprise how this type of contact lens is one of the most popular ones all over the world. When you ask someone the type he or she is wearing, there is a huge chance that person will say this type and how he or she likes every second of it. You can't blame them for doing so though.

RGP Contact Lenses

Quality is top-notch when it comes to this type as you will forget about all the other types of contact lenses. You will be so impressed that you will think of buying good-looking cases to go along with it. It is important to use the right cleaning materials to clean this type of contact lenses or you may end up disrupting the quality. Also, one popular trait of RGP lenses is that they are extremely durable because of the materials that were used to make them. Hence, you're going to get a lot more than what you bargained for. 

At first, it is going to take a long time to get used to RGP lenses. It is not like soft lenses that feel great when you wear it the first time. Hence, you would need a few days or even weeks before you finally feel comfortable wearing this type of contact lens. Don't worry though because it is going to be worth it when the time finally arrives.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

These contact lenses can be the perfect substitute for eyeglasses. It will be quite a few weeks before you need to replace them. Thus, better remember when you must do that or you will probably forget due to how good it feels to wear them. There will be a point when you will remove the lenses. When that happens, better make sure that you disinfect the lenses before wearing them again. Besides, you know those things are important to be completely clean before inserting them in your eyes. 

In addition, there will be a period of rest after removing these lenses. Yes, it must be at least one day of not wearing any contact lenses. If your vision is still bothering you, then there is always the option of wearing eyeglasses. The important thing is that your eyes must get rest before wearing contact lenses again.

Disposable Contact Lenses

Wearing Disposable Contact Lense

Maintenance is thrown out the window when you choose to wear disposable contact lenses. Yes, there is no need to clean these things since you are going to throw them away after one use anyway. Hence, there will be no need to buy additional cleaning materials which would make you save money in the process. That is one less thing to worry about since you would not have to spend much for that.

From the name itself, you can only wear this type for a day then you must get rid of it as soon as possible. It is possible you're going to be tempted to wear it again but you must not do that no matter what happens or your vision will get affected. Yes, there would be no need to clean this thing regularly. There would even be no need to buy extra cases when you invest in this type of contact lens.

Before taking a look at any of the different types of contact lenses, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. One of them is your budget. If you decide to lean towards disposable contact lenses, then it won't be long before the amount you are spending would pile up. When you think that you are not someone who looks great wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses is the way to go. You can even explore through the different types until you decide which one you would want to wear. 

Before wearing any of the aforementioned lenses, better make sure they are clean. Even if they are brand new, you must still disinfect the lenses since you are going to be inserting them into your eyes. Remember, we all only have one set of eyes so we must take good care of them no matter what happens. It is impossible to replace them which is why some people wear glasses. The important thing is that you are content with what you bought since you will be doing it for a pretty long time. 

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