What are the Popular Fashion Eyewear Frames of 2020

 Popular Eyewear Frames

 Popular Eyewear Frames


According to the New York Times, there has been a major movement in fashion in 2020. I suspect it might be a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic but there has been a general retreat in fashion trends in 2020 with buyers concentrating more on quality and classic style. Some people are calling it unfashion, and it has also had an impact on fashion eyewear frames.

This year we are seeing a renewed interest in premium optical brands, durable and quality materials, and designs that feature classic elegance. Subtlety is the look that everyone is looking for in 2020. Here is an example of the top fashionable eyewear design that is leading the industry today.

As stated with the move back to classic styles, this new take on the Ray-Ban aviators with a smoky gradient lens is perfectly in-sync with 2020. 

Popular frame styles for 2020 are quite varied. In fact, there are 8 styles that both fit in with fashion in 2020 and are suitable for different kinds of face shapes.

  1. Cat-eye glasses - especially in red and black frames emulate the classic cat eyeglasses that used to be so popular. This style works best with diamond shape faces.Fashionable Cat-eye Eyewear Frame
  2. Round Eyeglasses - Round eyeglasses have made a remarkable comeback in 2020 and are among the most popular styles of the year. This style works best with round faces.
  3. Geek/Hipster Glasses - Popular for office outfits, these square designs are available with or without thick brow line styling. This style works best with round-faced people.
  4. Vintage Eyeglasses - These can be fitted with RX lenses as reading glasses. Suitable for diamond faced users. Fashionable Vintage Eyewear Frame
  5. Oversized Eyeglasses - Oversized glasses come in a variety of shapes and so can be worn by people of any face shape.
  6. Brow Line Glasses - A heavy brow bar is a feature and is a popular style for business women wanting to appear serious. Better from oval and fuller faces.
  7. Tortoise Shell Glasses - Yet another classic style makes a reappearance in 2020. These are designed in a variety of frame shapes.Fashionable Tortoise Shell Eyewear Frame
  8. Clear Eyeglass Frames - Designed to put emphasis on the eyebrows, with a square frame that works well with oval or round faces

An important fashion tip when it comes to eyewear, according to The Daily Telegraph (UK) is to make the eyewear work with the eyebrows. The top of your eyeglass frame should work with the eyebrows and follow the contours. There should be a balance between how much eyebrow appears over the glasses, and how much is below. If we are considering sunglasses then the entire eyebrow should be below the eyeglass.

The other factor should be the width of the glasses style. In general, the glasses should be slightly wider than the broadest feature in the face (normally this would be the cheekbones). With this in mind, it is safe to say that classic styles that are wider are most definitely on trend for 2020.

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