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Heads up! It’s back to school season, and if you’re a student (with valid student ID) who spends a lot of time in front of a screen, you’re eligible for a 50% OFF discount on a Prevencia Coating Upgrade when you buy frames from Mott Optical Group!



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Increased Screen Time
Crizal Prevencia filters the blue light given off by digital screens to prevent damage to your eyes. Excess and harmful blue light from screens has been shown to cause long-term vision damage like macular degeneration, as well as short-term symptoms, including blurred vision and headaches. It might not sound as scary as it is right now, because everybody has their phones everywhere, but that’s what makes it so dangerous. In a report by Common Sense Media from 2015, teens spend an average of nine hours a day using media technology. A Nielsen Company report from 2016 revealed that adults consume about 10 hours of media a day. In addition, services like Netflix and Hulu are increasingly popular and available, and time spent in front of a screen is forever being prolonged.

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Image Source: crizalusa.com


Blue Light, Good or Bad?

You might also have heard of blue light being a central part to setting your circadian rhythm-- otherwise known as your body’s natural clock. This is because the sun gives off blue light, and it can help wake you up. But because so many people have started using their phones in bed, this rhythm is also getting messed up. While there are ways to remedy this, like turning off the blue light on your phone with an app, Prevencia Coating is never a bad thing for your poor, strained eyes.


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Time for a Prevencia Upgrade

That’s why we’re so excited to announce this back to school discount on Crizal Prevencia. You know you’ll be spending too much time on a screen. Help your eyes out and get this upgrade with your next new pair of glasses from us. As an added bonus, just to make you excited for school, we’ll throw in a really cool pencil case for FREE as long as you’re a student and shop with us (you don’t have to get the Prevencia upgrade for this). Check it out the video below!



Pretty nice, right? With all this waiting for you here at Mott Optical Group, we hope you drop by soon!





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