Eyeglasses are expensive and they can get dirty real fast, especially if you do not take good care of them. Lenses are particularly prone to getting dirty. 

Oil and grease from your skin, dust, and water stains can all be culprits of smudging your lenses. One of the top questions we get asked in store is how do we clean them. 

The first way to clean your glasses is to use the microfiber cloth that comes with the glasses case when you purchase your glasses. Keep them handy though. For me, I have a bunch right above the drawer where I keep my glasses every morning so I can wipe down my glasses lens right before I put them on. 

Keep a few around the house and in your purses or pockets.  A pro-tip is if you go to your local optical often for adjustments ask for a free cloth. If the staff is having a good day or remembers you purchasing from them, they might be nice enough to give you a free cloth. In no-time you will have a house full of microfiber cleaning cloths. 

The second way to clean your glasses is to simply use soap and water. When you are home, just wash it like you wash your hands and dry it off with a paper towel. Don’t use tissues without wetting them first, it’ll just smear the oil and grease and get the tiny dust particles on the lens. A good tip is to get one of these small 4oz spray bottles, they are about 2 dollars each on Amazon, and fill it with water and a small drop of dish soap. Shake to mix it up and leave a bunch around your house, office, or in your bag with tissues handy. Opticals like mine sell them for 5 dollars to make it convenient for you, but you can save that money by doing it yourself. 

The third way to keep your lens clean is to get advance anti-glare coating. Some opticals, like the Mott Optical Group, make standard anti-glare coating part of the package. It’s a no brainer given how you look and feel better with it. What is extra though, is the advance anti-glare coatings that are scratch resistant, anti dust, smudge, water, and oil. Many lens brands have it. Essilor has their Crizal Rock and Sapphire coating, and Hoya with it’s EX3 line. They may cost 100-200 dollars extra, but most vision insurance subsidizes it’s cost to be a fraction of that and the time you’ll save from cleaning your glasses is worth it.