Suki by Hamamoto Collection


Like technologies everywhere, eyewear is evolving and improving rapidly. The Hamamoto brand is one of the leaders in eyewear technology. Established in 1972 and handmade in Japan, Hamamoto frames feature acetate strengthened by an ultra-thin titanium core. This creates lightweight, thin frames that are incredibly strong. In fact, the Hamamoto brand factory is one of the finest in the world, and almost no other company can achieve this level of strength through such thin material. Thus, the Hamamoto factory is often used by renowned designer brands, as well as in its own brand’s products. 

Remember our Suki x ic! berlin collaboration project, which enhanced the best parts of both brands? We’re back again with a Suki by Hamamoto collab.



Suki is well-known for unique and eye-catching coloring and quality titanium.
Hamamoto is known for exceptionally well-made acetate.


We put these two brands together for exquisitely made eyewear with perfectly designed color, style, and build. Each model of this Suki by Hamamoto collection is named after a season of the year and a corresponding plant. Introducing: Plum Blossom (Winter) , Orchid (Spring) , Bamboo (Summer) , and Chrysanthemum (Autumn)


Plum Blossom (Winter)

Orchid (Spring)

Bamboo (Summer) 

Chrysanthemum (Autumn) 


If you enjoyed our Suki x ic! berlin collaboration, you’ll love our Suki by Hamamoto project. These products are exclusively available at Mott Optical Group stores and are incredibly limited as well. We hope you visit us today and take a look at these amazing pieces, try a pair on, and enjoy this collection as much as we did creating it.