J.F. Rey

J.F. REY stands as an independent designer specializing in high-end optical and sunglass frames. Originating in France in the 90s under the helm of Jean-François Rey, the brand distinguishes itself through its unique style and exploration of diverse aesthetic realms beyond convention. Central to its ethos are precision, meticulous finishing, and the utilization of innovative, long-lasting materials.

Embracing innovation and a spirit of experimentation, JF Rey epitomizes eyewear craftsmanship. With a fervent dedication to novelty, the brand continually ventures into uncharted territories, challenging traditional norms. JF Rey frames embody an elegant defiance, characterized by modernity and inventiveness.

At the core of JF Rey philosophy lies a relentless pursuit of fresh stylistic frontiers. The mission is to conceive, surprise, and breathe life into frames that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also purposeful and genuine. JF Rey diverse portfolio spans from sleek, minimalist designs to dynamic, expressive patterns, where the celebration of form and color knows no bounds. Each model encapsulates our daring vision and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.