Suki x ic! berlin Limited Edition Collection



Suki x ic! berlin
Limited Edition Collection

Appearance is not the only way for eyewear to be radical. Suki and ic! berlin are two brands that have realized this and have actively pursued their philosophies to create radically simple eyewear of the highest possible quality.



For Suki, that means high-quality materials - titanium frames 40% lighter than normal metal frames as well as a host of unique and eye-catching colors.

For ic! berlin, that means technological innovations that made screws unnecessary: completely screwless eyewear that’s incredibly durable and minimal.



Both Suki and ic! berlin exemplify what Mott Optical Group loves about eyewear: inspired designs, extraordinary materials, exceptional craftsmanship and a keen attention to detail. That’s why we’ve decided that one way we can make them each better is by bringing them together. Here we proudly present the one of a kind: Suki x ic! berlin Limited Edition Collection.



We now offer our customers exclusive screwless eyewear, inspired by ic! berlin’s screwless technology and Suki’s aesthetic design. The frames offer the best of both sides - a great combination of everything simple about eyewear that just works. The collection features bestselling ic! berlin styles Rast, Peggy L., and U7 Berliner and the most stunning Suki colors: White Water, Royal Black, and Pink Darkness, underlaid with more wearable colors for a truly unique look.


Suki x ic! berlin
Style A: Peggy L. in Pink Darkness

Suki x ic! berlin
Style B: Rast in Water White

Suki x ic! berlin
Style C: U7 Berliner in Royal Black


Our Suki x ic! berlin collection is truly a combination of greats: Suki’s colorways grab your attention and ic! berlin’s solid build makes sure that lasts. These products are exclusively available at Mott Optical Group stores and are incredibly limited as well. We hope you visit us today and take a look at these amazing pieces, try a pair on, and enjoy this collection as much as we did creating it.