Originally founded in Japan in 1972, Eyevan is an eyewear brand that has stayed true to its roots. Inspired by telescopes, antiques, and Japanese architecture, Eyevan eyewear is the epitome of diverse design. The brand first became widespread in 1985 when it spread into celebrity circles that included Princess Diana and Madonna. It has continued to push boundaries in vintage and eclectic design to this day.



In fact, Eyevan’s newest collection, Eyevan 7285, marks a return to Eyevan’s iconic archives, with 46 frames based on 11 handmade drawings from those archives. The frames are full of personality and look both old and new-- as they should. It’s difficult to describe exactly what Eyevan frames embody look-wise. They simply look like parts from everything-- machine parts, old glasses, antiques. At the same time, they are remarkably well put-together and contain both attitude and history.


Eyevan is no brand to overlook in its return. Drawing from a rich past, they’ve created truly unique eyewear that is both versatile and unapologetically different. You’ll definitely want to keep your eye on them.


*Please Note, Eyevan 7285 is only available at Mott Street Optical, our flagship store.*