Pros and Cons: Why Wear Disposable Daily Contact Lenses?

Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses

Nowadays, thousands of people need to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses to be able to see their surroundings normally, and glasses are always the most widely used resource. However, in recent years contact lenses have begun to gain popularity, especially among younger people, becoming an alternative resource to traditional glasses with all sorts of advantages that for many are still unknown.

At first, most people were reluctant to wear disposable contact lenses, as they were too complicated to wear and many people found them really uncomfortable to wear all day. Although there are still a large number of people who prefer to wear glasses, more and more have seen the benefits of wearing disposable contact lenses, not least because their performance has improved so much that there are now all kinds of contact lenses for every specific visual need.

Below, for all those who need to have their eyes tested and are not sure whether to try wearing contact lenses permanently, we will help you make the decision by explaining in detail all the pros and cons.

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Pros and Cons of Daily Contact Lenses


Easy to maintain

 Daily Contact Lenses

One of the main reasons why many people choose to use daily contact lenses instead of disposable lenses is because of their maintenance. We only have to worry about cleaning them and remember to remove them at the end of the day and immerse them in their packaging so they don't get damaged.

Even though we could sleep with them on, the experts do not recommend it as we could suffer some kind of unnecessary irritation by not removing them while the eye is kept closed and dry. So, when you wear your contact lenses every day, all you have to worry about is putting them in every morning and taking them out every night.


Unlike glasses or monthly contact lenses, daily contact lenses are so thin and comfortable that you'll hardly notice you're wearing them - something that makes it important to have some sort of reminder or nighttime alarm to remind you to take them off before you go to sleep.

Whether a daily contact lens is more or less comfortable will also depend on the brand and quality we have purchased. It is not the same to invest 20 dollars in a simple contact lens than to invest 50 dollars in a lens of a recognized brand that we know has given good results previously. Quality always has a price that is later compensated with the comfort and results of the product; don't try to save money on your contact lenses, because in the end you will only lose yourself and your eyes.

Suitable for all ages

Children & Contact Lenses

If you're looking for contact lenses that are comfortable, safe and suitable for any family member, look no further than daily contact lenses - your best option right now. If one of your youngest children was born with eye strain or early myopia and you can't see him or her wearing glasses all day, daily contact lenses are the alternative you've been looking for.

Children can learn to put them in quickly, as long as you help them and check that they've been properly fitted; then they won't notice they're wearing them and won't have to worry about them getting dirty or falling out. The same goes for teenagers who are so reluctant to wear glasses for fear of social rejection; daily contact lenses are not seen and they will be able to enjoy all their benefits without anyone noticing they are wearing them. It's all advantages!

They respect the health of your eyes

Unlike what many may think, contact lenses are totally compatible with our eye health. The only chance of suffering any adverse reaction while wearing contact lenses is when you have a history of previous allergies, and are much more susceptible to any natural eye irritation.

Furthermore, quality daily contact lenses are made of biocompatible materials that allow us to wear them 24 hours a day without any discomfort. In addition, these types of contact lenses are so thin that they allow air to circulate more easily and prevent the dryness of the eyes that so many people fear when wearing contact lenses all day long.



It is inevitable to think about the price of wearing different contact lenses every day of our lives, as the expense will always be inevitably high. However, if you compare the investment you make in buying these types of daily contact lenses with the convenience and usefulness they provide, you eventually feel that paying for a quality product you need will always pay off in the long run.

That's why it's important that we don't try to find contact lens brands that promise the best performance at the lowest prices on the market; there's always a catch, and you'll always end up thinking it would have been better to spend a little more money. 

Temptation to be reused

Irritated Eyes with Contact Lenses

Another major drawback of daily contact lenses is that their quality makes many of us tempted to reuse them, something that as their name suggests we should not do since they are "daily". Many people try to save a few dollars by wearing their contact lenses for two or three times in a row, which may work but will eventually cause discomfort and irritation to the eyes.

Therefore, don't try to extend the life of a product that already indicates it has a durability limited to 24 natural hours of a day; reusing it will only harm our health and cause us other problems that will require a greater monetary investment, remember that.

They pollute

This may not seem like a bad thing, because after all, you won't be directly affected by the contamination of your packaging, but the fact is that contact lens packaging is not biodegradable and ends up generating a very harmful waste product.

Luckily, more and more brands are trying to make their daily contact lenses from reusable and more earth-friendly materials - that's something.

In conclusion, disposable contact lenses have many more advantages than disadvantages, so if you still had doubts about whether it was really worthwhile to start using them, I hope that through this article they have been more than solved. Don't hesitate to give them a try and start taking care of your eye health with the best products!

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