Introducing adidas Sport eyewear
SPX™ litefit collection

“adidas Sport eyewear combines the expertise of renowned maker Silhouette and the sports heritage of adidas.”
All adidas Sport eyewear frames are made with high-tech materials such as SPX™, Performance Steel™ (used in the medical, dental and aeronautical industries), Pebax™ (soft sticky polymers as used in the soles of football boots and running shoes). All this makes adidas frames as comfortable as they are durable and perfect for a sporty lifestyle.

Today, we are introducing the SPX™ litefit collection. It’s cool, casual frame made for lightness and performance as well as style.


  • Ultra light for maximum comfort
  • Flexible, strong and hugely force-resistant to guarantee top stability. The minimal water absorption of SPX™ safeguards this stability and offers resistance to temperature variations.
  • Scratch- and abrasion-resistant. The high surface hardness supports the frame and ensures long durability.

Features & Benefits

  • Created with an athlete’s needs in mind so it’s perfect for transitioning from the office to the gym
  • For men and women (unisex)
  • Available in a wide range of colorful options for your individual look
  • Square lenses with rounded edges will suit most face shapes
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads offer a custom fitting
  • Specially designed Grip system offers a non-slip and pressure-free stable fit
  • Specially designed bridge for those with higher cheekbones and wider nose bridges. Sometimes called “Alternate fit” this ensures the frames rest on the nose and prevents sliding.
  • Progressive friendly
Now the SPX™ litefit collection is available at all Mott Optical Group stores. Please feel free to visit us and try them on.



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