Overnight Contact Lenses for Vision Control/Correction

1.What Is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology (ortho-k), also called Overnight Vision Correction, Wavefront Corneal Molding, and Corneal Refractive Therapy, is the unique custom-designed, gas-permeable rigid contact lenses that you wear overnight. While you are asleep, the lenses gently reshape the cornea in order to correct your vision. After you remove the lenses the following day, you can see clearly.

The purpose of doctor prescribe ortho-k lenses:

1. To correct near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. In some cases, ortho-k is also used to correct presbyopia.

2. To slow down the progression of childhood myopia

2.Who Is A Good Candidate For Ortho-k?


1. Need to slow down/stop the progression of childhood myopia

2. Want to be glasses-free during school, at sport or other daytime activities


1. Want to be glasses-free but not good candidates for refractive surgery

2. Who is a nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic patient

Sport Participator

1. Active during the day and doesn’t want to deal with contact lenses or glasses

2. Participate in contact sports (boxing, ice hockey, football, lacrosse) that can cause problems for contact lens wear

People over 40

1. Who has presbyopia, but doesn’t want to wear reading glasses for their everyday reading

3. How Does It Work?

During your sleep, the Ortho-k lens creates pressure that gently reshapes your cornea from the original shape to a newly designed and preferred contour that gives you clear eyesight without glasses or contacts the following day

1. Before Bed

Put On Your Ortho-k

2. During Sleep

The lenses gently reshape the front surface of your eye (cornea) during your sleep

3. Wake Up

Take off the Ortho-k

4. Daytime

Enjoy a clear vision without eyeglasses or contact lens while you are awake

4. Have A Question?

  • Is Ortho-k safe?

Yes! Ortho-k lenses are very safe. Ortho-K Lenses are FDA-approved therapeutic lenses for overnight application. It is safe for children and adults.

  • Is Ortho-k Permanent?

No, it’s temporary. If you stop wearing Ortho-K Lenses, your vision will gradually return to its original state in 72 hours.

  • How long does the ortho-k effect last?

You should be able to see acceptably well without glasses or contact lenses for a day or two, sometimes longer. For best results, you should wear the ortho-k lenses every night.

  • Should My Kid Do Ortho-K?

YES! Study shows that Ortho-K can stop/slow down the progress of childhood myopia.

  • Can I Stop Doing Ortho-K?

Yes, you can stop using OrthoK at any time. The resulting will be gradually returning to your original/natural corneal shape.

  • How Much Does Ortho-K Cost?

Costs can vary by person. During your consultation, our doctor will evaluate your case and discuss the fees and time frame expected for your treatment.

5. Want To Know More?

MK Vision Center Brooklyn, MK Vision Center Forest Hills, and MK Vision Center Staten Island provide consultation for you. Our doctor specializes in orthokeratology lens fittings which can answer all your questions and concern and design customized Ortho-k that fits your/your kid's cornea shape