Don’t want to get the stink eye when you go into the grocery store without wearing a mask? It’s pretty much a fact that you’ll be wearing a mask for a awhile now to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but one common annoyance of wearing a mask is that it will, if not worn properly, wearing a mask will fog up your glasses. It’ll leave your half blind or looking ridiculous when you talk to other people. Things will get particularly bad when you go from a cool and dry air conditioned indoor environment to the hot humid outdoor weather.  

The 1st way is wash your glasses with soapy water and instead of drying it out with a micro-fiber cloth or tissue paper, shake off the excess water and let it air dry. This leaves behind a thin surface film that reduces this surface tension and causes the water molecules to spread out evenly into a transparent layer. This is how demisting suba diving masks and ski goggles solution are able to prevent fogging. This one take a little time because it require you to wait for your glasses to dry. I won’t suggest it if you are in a rush. 


The second way you can prevent fogging is simply put a paper tissue in-between your mask and your glasses. Just fold up a small piece of tissue paper and place it right at your nose bridge and then put your mask on. The tissue will absorb some of the hot moist air coming from your nose and month that will fog up your eyeglasses. Yes, I know carrying around a mask is annoying enough, now you have to carry around tissues as well. A hack can be to just tape the tissue onto your mask. 


The third and the probably the easiest way to prevent your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask is to pinch the area of the mask in between your eyes and at the bridge of your nose. This will prevent hot air from getting to your eyeglasses and fogging up.   


So there you have it: three easy hacks to prevent your glasses for fogging: use soapy water, use a tissue to absorb the air, and tighten mask that right at your nose bridge.  


None of these three steps alone my 100% prevent fogging of your eyeglasses when you wear them. Try each one and see which one works best for you. Or you can even try all three of them at the same time and see if that prevent your glasses for fogging up.

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