Mott Optical Group
MK Vision Center Brooklyn
Visit Us: 5921 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
Store Hours: Monday-Sunday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.
Call Us: (718)851-4886

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Best Eyewear Boutique in 
Brooklyn, NY
MK Vision Center Brooklyn is the newest addition to the Mott Optical Group. Located in Sunset Park Brooklyn, MK Vision Center Brooklyn caters to the tastes and needs of the local communities and focuses on providing custom-fit eyewear products to the local residents. We make sure that each customer is served according to what he or she wants. Nothing would please more than seeing a smile on our customer's faces. We always look forward to serving the local residents of Brooklyn. We also entertain online inquiries from people who are a bit far from Brooklyn. Yes, we love to serve as many people as possible. We want nothing more than to make a lot of people feel less discomfort in their eyes. Also, we provide attractive eyewear for kids. Designed with the "Family" in mind, MK Vision Center Brooklyn has prepared an extensive kid’ section for kids’ eyewear.
Why Choose MK Vision Center Brooklyn
Our mission is to provide customer a unique eyewear experience.  At MK Vision Center Brooklyn, we provide professional eyewear styling, comprehensive optometry services, unique range of frames, and personalized services all in one place.

Professional Eyewear Styling
Comprehensive Optometry Services
Unique Range of Frames

Professional Eyewear Styling

At MK Vision Center Brooklyn, you will get your unique 'Eyewear Style Consultation' with a professional, experienced, eyewear expert. Our opticians and eyewear consultants are extremely professional and knowledgeable. We are thrilled to help customers select the perfect frame that fits you, suits your face shape and features, and a design that matches your individual sense of style

Comprehensive Optometry Service

We offer a variety of optometry services to help you see your best. Our experienced optometrist can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, cataracts, macular degeneration, and dry eyes. We also offer contact lens fittings and Children myopia control program.

Unique Range of Frames

We source our eyewear products from all over the world. Our selection carries top-of-the-line independent designer brands like DITA, ic! berlin, Morel eyewear, Mott & Bayard, Suki eyewear. We offer eyewear products for men, women, and kids, from daily wear to special occasions.

If you want to see the very best of independent eyewear design, come visit us at MK Vision Center Brooklyn!

MK Vision Center Brooklyn Featured Brand

We Provide Orthokeratology Service

Overnight Contact Lenses for Vision Control/Correction