Customer Service


Customer Service


Order Cancellation (Online Orders Only)
Online orders can be cancelled with full refund before we ship. You can simply email us to cancel your order. If you decide to cancel your order after we ship the item, you will need to ship it back to our warehouse using the original packaging. Please note, custom/special order can not be cancel. 


Return Policy (Online Orders Only)
You have 10 days from the date you receive the package to email us for a return or exchange. For non-prescription eyewear (sunglasses included) or frames only orders, you will get full refund if the product you return is in its original condition. We don’t accept returns if the product is damaged or broken. For prescription eyewear (sunglasses included), we refund the full price you paid for the frame and half of the price you paid for the lens. Customers will be in charge of all the shipping cost of the return package and a 10% restocking fee. After we receive your package, and the item is in its original condition, we will issue a full refund within 2 business days, and you will receive the refund within 5-7 business days.
For all the return packages, please ship them to
Mott Optical Group
ATTN: Marketing Department-Returns & Exchanges
38 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002

**Please note, refunds will be credited to the original payment method. If you want to get in-store credits instead, please indicate it in your “Request for a refund” email. We will issue a store gift card with the amount you should be refunded. You can pick this gift card at a store near you or we can mail it to you.** 

Custom/ Special Order
Custom/ Special order frame will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Returns are allowed but orders cannot be cancelled once we special order the frame.
Warranty (Online Orders Only)

You will have one-year warranty for the frame and one-year warranty for the lenses you purchased. If you are experiencing any manufacture defeat on your frame or lenses after 30 days of receipt, please email us with photos of your eyewear attached. We will replace or arrange an exchange based on the eyewear condition.

Home Try On (Online Orders Only)
Due to the high frequency of inventory changes, products' immediate availability cannot be guaranteed. If the home try-on frame you order is not in stock, you can choose special order and pay for the actual price of the product or. If you decide to return the frame after try on, the refund will be the frame price minus the $25 handling fee.

For any issues regarding your online order, please feel free to email us.


**Please Note: The "Order Cancellation", "Return Policy", and "Warranty"only apply for online orders. Store Return Policy may vary, please contact each store for more details.**