How Do Optical Stores in Mott Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

Chinatown Optical Mott Street

Chinatown Optical Mott Street


The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything we have ever seen before. It is easy for anybody to get sick as the virus is transmitted through a person's saliva. It can also be transmitted when you hold a surface that was also touched by someone who already has the virus.

It is hard to know who has it and as the cases pile up all over the world, all we can do is to get used to the new normal. It is time to face the facts that everyone is going to be wearing face masks in public for a pretty long time. Yes, travel is not expected to resume until late next year at the earliest. 


Online Consultation with Eye Doctor

Chinatown Optical Eye Doctor

Before going to Chinatown optical Mott Street, it would be advisable to schedule an online consultation with their eye doctor first. You will immediately find out what eyeglasses you would need to wear. After all, if nothing is wrong with your eyes then you would not need to go to the optical store anymore. That will immediately eliminate any need to go to the store. You can do a video chat with your eye doctor and tell him or her the problems you are experiencing.

Once the doctor finds out what the problem is, you will be given instructions as to what you need to do next. That would certainly lessen the interactions between the doctor and the patient. These days, face to face consultations are thrown out the window especially when it is not needed. It is a good thing eye doctors are completely honest with you especially at a time of a pandemic. They will prioritize your health over the sales of their stores which is a good thing. 


Social Distancing at Optical Stores

Optical stores have adjusted and are allowing a limited number of people to enter the place. These people must wash hands and sign a form indicating their temperature Yes, everyone's temperature will be checked and if it is more than 37 degrees then that person won't be allowed to enter the store anymore. It is still possible that a person does not have the virus but you can't really take any chances at a time like this. You must eliminate the possibilities of your staff catching the virus as that would be bad for the future of the business.

There will be chairs that are placed outside the optical store so that the people who are waiting to get inside the store would know where to sit. Also, those who are not wearing face masks would not be allowed to go inside the store. We are at a time when everyone is required to wear face masks when going out in public. When you wear face masks, you show compassion to not only yourself but also to your friends and family members that you live with. 


Disinfecting of Stores Each Day

Chinatown Glasses Store

All the Chinatown glasses stores see to it that they disinfect all areas of their store completely so that any trace of the virus will be removed. You need to admit that the person who will be doing the disinfecting must wear gloves and face masks. There are a lot of disinfectant products that will remove all the germs and dusts from the surfaces in an instant. It would be best to start with the ones that are commonly touched. There are a lot of things in your store so everything must be disinfected thoroughly. For the sprays to be used properly, better read the instructions indicated on the label.

It is important to always wash your hands and practice social distancing in the time of a worldwide pandemic. We don't really know when a COVID-19 vaccine will be made if ever there will be one. Hence, it would be better if we just stay home unless it is something important. Now that a lot of people have lost their jobs, we must shift to getting online jobs. At first, it may sound hard but there are a lot of openings out there that would match our skills so be patient in finding the right one for you.

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