Over the years, our optometrists have proudly received numerous awards and have been recognized as leaders in the field of eyecare and vision health & diagnosis. From a routine eye exam to a contact lens fitting to a more comprehensive eye dilation, our doctors, with a combined total of 60 years of experience, will provide you with welcoming, friendly, and professional service. Book an appointment today with one of our optometrists to experience it yourself.

Dr. Albert Law


Years’ Experience: 13 Years

Education Background: University of Hawaii B.A; Pennsylvania College of Optometry O.D

Favorite part about being an optometrist: My passion for this profession comes from seeing my patients come back to see me year after year. In some cases, I have literally seen some of them grow up right before my eyes. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to provide the type of eye care consultation that people trust and respect.

Hobbies: I consider myself a ‘Foodie’ so I love exploring all cuisines and visiting new and exciting restaurants. After all don’t they say a way into a man’s heart is through his stomach? I also love to swim. A great way to stay in shape.

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Dr. Scott Dong


Years’ Experience: 27 Years

Education Background: Columbia University B.A; Suny College of Optometry O.D

Favorite part about being an optometrist: I love my profession because I like to see that I’ve made an immediate difference in a person’s life. I’ve been told I have a warm and accommodating personality, so I guess that this allows my patients to feel and see better. Definitely a good thing.

Hobbies: I’m an avid traveler. As an added bonus to your eye exam, I’m more than happy to share tales of my adventures crossing the USA and hiking in different national parks.

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Dr. Jet Ruttanasee


Years’ Experience: 9 Years

Education Background: SUNY College of Optometry O.D

Favorite part about being an optometrist: The instant gratification when a patient’s vision and health is improved. Seeing the doctor can be a hassle, so it’s rewarding when I can address a patient’s visual concerns simply and painlessly.

Hobbies: I love basketball. It’s my favorite thing next to basketball. I really enjoy live music. Any one who can play an instrument is my hero.

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Dr. Tiffany Chen


Education Background: Stony Brook University, B.S. in Chemistry; SUNY College of Optometry, O.D.; Columbia Class of 1936 Award for Academic and Clinical Achievement in Ocular Disease

Favorite part about being an optometrist: I love creating meaningful relationships with my patients and witnessing their joy when they experience when they see clearly.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling to new cities, reading in cafes, biking, and love trying new things. Recently, I've learned how to ski, play tennis and pickleball.

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