Mott & Bayard Eyewear

Mott and Bayard is a brand founded upon the idea of finding the perfect pair of glasses. Acquiring a pair that looks and fits well can be tough but Mott & Bayard eyewear was created to change that. Using the finest material on the market, great-looking and better fitting glasses are designed so that people can feel both confident and comfortable wearing them. 

Mott & Bayard's 2024 New Collection focuses on the rising artistic color trends in styles of eyewear while still maintaining the comfort. Made to fit for everyone, the style of the wayfarer styled frames give off a unique feeling using different color styles. Color styles incorporated in this collection are two-color sided styles, two-toned prints and a three-toned color gradient style.

Made for Our Community and Neighborhood

Mott & Bayard Eyewear is the story of finding the perfect pair of glasses. Each pair is meant to represent the cultural and stylistic trends within the growing community of lower Manhattan. Mott & Bayard's frame is created with the most best material in the market along with the elements of a true fit design to achieve a comforting pair of eyewear.

The Solution for a Better Fit - Universal Fit