2020 Suki Eyewear Collection


The Suki 2020 collections continues the exploration of what it mean to have eyewear as a natural extension of self. Traditionally, Suki has it's bolder, more vibrant colors in the back, making it a subtle touch of detail. This year, we allow our signature colors to take center stage with Suki colors wrap around frame as seen in SK-2061. This breaths a sense of character and personality to a incredibly wearable silhouette.



Suki 2061
Suki 1105


We also allow our colors to make a bolder appearance on the temples in SK-2061 and its little sibling counter-part, SK-1105. The unique prints, gradient motifs, and contrasting temple color is a unorthodox departure from the how Suki uses more solid and consistent coloring. 


Sometimes, the natural extension of self is letting a bit of ones personality STAND OUT. 

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