What are The Types of Vision Problems

Vision Problems

Vision Problems


The eye is the most important sensory organ of the human body. Humans are normally born with perfect eyes but some of us are not that fortunate. Eye diseases are one of the common diseases among humans. We can categorize eye diseases into many different categories. The most common types of vision problems are given below.

Unclear vision

The unclear revision can be subdivided into two categories: the near-sightedness and the far-sightedness. In these conditions, a person can either view the objects at a near location clearly while it's difficult to view the objects at a far location or the person can view the objects at a far object clearly while objects located near are a little blur to him. It's common in children and adults. It was corrected by using corrective lenses.

Increased ocular pressure

Intraocular Pressure - Eye Problem

Our eyes are filled with a liquid called aqueous humor. If the pressure of this liquid is increased due to drainage blockage or increased production, we called it glaucoma. It can lead to optic nerve degeneration and other eye problems if left untreated. It's characterized by bulging of the eyes. 

Retinal pathology

The retina is extremely important for normal vision. It converts the light signal into an electrical signal so the brain can interpret what we see. Due to age or certain diseases like Diabetes, the retina can get damaged. This condition is called retinopathy. If it's due to diabetes, we call it diabetic retinopathy. The age-related retinopathy is also common these days.


Cataracts - Eye Problem

It's a disease in which the lens of the eye is covered by a membrane. The membrane will block light and it will be difficult to see especially at night. This disease is common in old age. Cataracts can not be treated using medicines. You have to go for the cataract removal surgery to get rid of this problem. It starts as a thin layer and can get thick over time

Uneven eyes

It's most common in the children and the disease sometimes goes away when a person becomes an adult. In this disease, one eye is not aligned with the other eye. It will be difficult to focus on an object in severe cases. It's due to the weakness of the muscles controlling the movement of eyeballs. Medicines that can strengthen the muscles are given to treat this issue.

Vision loss

 Blindness - Eye Problem

If a person completely loses his ability to see from one eye or both eyes, we call it vision loss. In case, the person only lost the ability to see from one eye, it's called one-sided for partial vision loss. In case, the person has lost the ability to see from both eyes, it's called full vision loss. It can be due to many reasons like injury from an accident or untreated glaucoma. Some diseases like degenerative neuropathy of the eyes can lead to vision loss. The person will start losing vision from one eye. If the disease continues on the same path, the person will become fully blind. Finding the cause of the vision loss at an early stage is the only way of preventing the complete vision loss.

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