Legends: Behind the Lens Center

Lens Center Brooklyn NY

Lens Center Brooklyn NY


For over 30 years the professionals at Mott Optical Group have provided New Yorkers with dedicated and quality eye care. Highly rated, they offer an unbeatable and wide variety of name-brand, fashionable eyewear, and contact lenses so customers can look and feel their best. This family-owned business specializes in the unique needs of their cultural roots, contributing to and supporting New York's Chinese-immigrant communities. 

The Three Pillars

The Mott Optical Group works diligently, supporting their three core pillars which distinguish them from other eye care specialists. 

Quality Service: The team at Mott Optical Group, a premier optical solution in Brooklyn, is made up of highly trained, expert optometrists, and knowledgeable eyewear consultants. With decades of experience, customers can be assured to receive unsurpassed, quality service.

Great Eyewear: Mott Optical Group offers an unrivaled variety of high-quality eyeglass frames and contact lenses, which meet the taste and needs of men and women of all ages and budgets. 

Community Support: Mott Optical Group is a strong supporter of the community, through both service and donation. Giving back strengthens the community and is an important part of who they are.

Trusted Optometrists

Optical Solutions Brooklyn

The Mott Optical Group optometrists have a combined 60 years of experience. Through their years of dedication and work, they have received numerous awards, placing them on the cutting edge of eye care and vision health industry.

Whether you're looking for a basic eye exam, contact lens exam or a more complete exam including eye dilation, the Mott Optical Group physicians offer expert, knowledgeable and comprehensive service.

Optician Eyewear Specialists

With many decades of experience, the opticians at Mott Optical Group are American Board of Opticianry (ABO) certified. This designation demonstrates unparalleled knowledge in opticianry. Individuals seeking expert customer care from their Brooklyn eyeglass store can rest comfortably knowing the eyewear specialists at Mott Optical Group are unequaled in both credentials, as well as fashion.

The Clarity Today Program

Clarity Today is a vision screening program initiated by the good doctors at Mott Optical Group, who believe that every child benefits from early vision health. Every year Mott Optical Group doctors offer free vision screenings for children enrolled in local public schools in grades first through fifth. 

This year alone, the Mott Optical Group doctors screened the young eyes of over 1,000 students. 

New Eyes for the Needy

The Mott Optical Group is a proud sponsor of the New Eyes for the Needy, which provides recycled eyeglasses to those who cannot afford them. The New Eyes for the Needy works by collecting old eyewear from customers and donating them to the cause. Mott Optical Group accepts old, recyclable eyeglasses from anyone wishing to make a donation. Just stop by one of our locations.


Every year Mott Optical Group donates a portion of its revenue to the YMCA, which supports youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Through their donations, the YMCA is better equipped to make valuable differences within local communities. 


Available Eyewear, Contacts, and Lenses

Eyeglasses Brooklyn

Mott Optical Group is happy to offer its customers with a wide array of leading-edge products.

Eyeglass Lenses: We proudly supports the following eyeglass lens and lens options:

  • Neoptec - a premium single vision lens with superior anti-reflective coating. They are available in a variety of thicknesses supporting all vision prescriptions.
  • Crizal - advanced coatings providing scratch, dust, water, and smudge resistance.
  • Transitions - block 100% of UV rays, transitioning from clear for indoor wear, to dark for outdoor wear. 
  • Hoya - technologically advanced progressive lens options.
  • Varilux - a variety of progressive sense options.

Contact Lenses: As a leading lens center in Brooklyn, offering almost thirty separate brands including those popular such as Acuvue, Air Optic, Bausch & Lomb, and Dailies. We can meet the needs of customers with a vast range of prescriptions, including astigmatism, and bifold and multifold wearers. 

Eyeglass Frames: knowledgeable eyeglass store in Brooklyn, provides a large variety of popular and stylish designer eyeglass frames, including Gucci, Tom Ford, and Dior. With the assistance of their knowledgeable eyewear stylists, finding the right frame, be it fun, sophisticated or traditional has never been easier. 

Mott Optical Group Locations

Eyeglasses Store Brooklyn

With six convenient stores located in New York, including the MK Vision Center in Brooklyn, each one offers professional and specialized care and stylish, well-made, and trendy products to the diverse people of local communities, finding a location near you is easy.

Call or visit our stores to make an appointment.

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