Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Glasses for Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

Glasses for Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

Everyone has a unique and non-transferable face and physical characteristics, which makes us all different people whose tastes and ways of dressing may look alike, but never be exactly the same; two people may have the same shirt, the same size and the same color, but when they wear it it will never fit them the same, because they are not.

Not even two twins who have so much in common end up dressing the same; each person has something that makes them different and the best thing we can do is to accept it in order to feel happy with ourselves every day.

The same goes for glasses and faces, the shape of which is key in choosing the type of glasses a person will wear for years to come. The truth is that there is a type of glasses for every type of face, and it is very important that each person finds out calmly what the shape of their face is before going to their optician and choosing a model of glasses.

However, although it has been many years since seven different face shapes were established that everyone can fit into, the reality is that most people still have no idea what their face shape is. Normally when people go to the eye doctor and look for a model of glasses that fits them, the first thing they do is look at their eyes and the central area of their face, when in reality there are many more aspects to consider.

Then, to help you solve all your doubts about this issue and make it easier to choose your next pair of glasses, we will explain the main types of faces and their main characteristics.


Well let's start!

Face shape guide for glasses

Heart shape

If you are a person with a heart-shaped face you have probably never noticed, it is the kind of face that makes you look like someone who is always kind ( even if you are not), since they are very rounded and pleasant to look at and invite everyone who looks at them to smile. If your face is heart-shaped, the type of glasses you will have to look for are the geometrically shaped ones, being preferable that they are rounded.

On the other hand, these types of faces are not very big (it also depends on whether you are a man or a woman) so the size of the glasses should not be excessive either; ideally they should reach the height of the cheeks, but without going beyond them.

This type of face is characterized by having a very wide upper part that gets thinner as it approaches the chin area, which has also caused many to call it the "inverted triangle" face. It is very important that the glasses we choose smooth that difference between the top and bottom of the face, so it is always recommended to use rounded frames that do not exceed the size of the temples and preferably have some bright color, such as saturated red or cobalt blue.

In more professional terms, the type of frame that any optician should recommend when looking at your face type is the so-called "Cat Eye". It is perfect for balancing your face and enhancing your features!

Oval shape

 Eyewear for Oval Face Shape

Oval faces are the most grateful when it comes to selecting a type of glasses, since almost any model or shape will suit them; it all depends on each person's personal preferences, skin tone or hairstyle. These types of faces are characterized by having a wider upper part than the lower part, however this difference in size is not as pronounced as in the case of heart-shaped faces, since they have a slightly pronounced chin that brings balance to the face and softens the features.

Although most glasses are compatible with this type of face, experts always recommend using narrow, rectangular glasses that will lengthen the face and no longer accentuate its oval shape. However, if you are an oval-shaped eyewear lover and like to attract attention, you can also opt for a more rounded model that accentuates your cheekbones and gives them more personality; it all depends on the person and what they want to convey when they put on their glasses.

As for the colour, any type of tone could be valid for this face, being the most recommended: the bright green tones or the black ones that will contribute more balance and depth; everything is a question of tastes.

Rounded shape

People with rounded faces always tend to have very smooth and pleasant features. However, this type of face is the enemy of being overweight and as soon as you gain a few pounds, your face tends to become even more rounded and acquire an excessively circular shape, without any area that draws excessive attention or softens the features.

Regardless of the weight, people with this type of face will always look for glasses that counteract this rounded shape, trying to lengthen it and define the features more at the same time. The type of glasses that best suit rounded faces are those with a rectangular or hexagonal shape, as they will manage to create a contrast that naturally does not manage to have and will fix the attention of people in the central part of the face.

On the other hand, there are also many people who choose half frame glasses, as this will give more importance to the upper part of the face. The most important thing in this type of face is to avoid at all costs rounded glasses and those with lines too straight, because we will only shorten the face and not lengthen it.

As for the colours, it is advisable to opt for warm tones or for striped and multicoloured patterns; this way the face is softened and the attention is focused more on the central part.

Square shape

People with a square face have very marked features, especially in the area of the forehead, cheeks and cheekbones. This geometric shape of the features makes the natural expression of these people tend to be too hard and rough, so the main objective will be to find glasses that soften and round off those features so marked.

The ideal is to bet on oval and rounded frames, being perfect for women, the butterfly-shaped glasses and the circular and wide ones for men. On the contrary to what would happen if we choose a rectangular frame or very straight lines, which would only accentuate our features and make us have a too serious and "cartoonish" expression.

As far as color is concerned, it is always recommended to use bright and warm colors that enhance the face and make it more friendly, such as brown and beige tones; although this will also depend on the person's skin tone, the color of their eyes and their own personal preferences.

Triangular shape

The triangular type of face is characterized by a strong contrast between the upper and lower areas, with the jaw being the most pronounced area with a uve-like shape that captures all the attention of the face. On the other hand, the forehead of this type of face is usually quite small, so we should try to find a frame of glasses that is not too wide so that this feature does not attract so much attention and is softened.

The type of frame that best suits triangular faces are the rectangular and oval, as this will soften the contrast between the top and bottom and fade the angular lines so marked that it has the chin area. The most famous models of glasses that meet these criteria are the Aviator type and the "Cat Eye" type.

As for the colors, it is recommended to bet on bright and colorful tones that enhance the face and soften the features, since the blacks and grays would only make them stand out and give a too hard and unflattering appearance.

Diamond shape

This face is one of the most peculiar and difficult to combine, as it is characterized by a very narrow forehead and chin compared to the cheekbone area which is much wider. For all these reasons, it is always recommended to use oval frames that soften this triangular shape and bring balance to the features.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use frames that are too thick, but rather thin and of soft colors to disguise how small the forehead is. As far as colors are concerned, anything is possible; if you are a daring person you will like to use glasses with bright colors or stripes, which will focus all the attention on the frame and the shape of your face will go unnoticed.

Oblong shape

Oblong faces are also called elongated or rectangular faces, this is because the temples, jaw and cheekbones of this type of face create a kind of rectangle that makes the face look much more elongated. Therefore, when a person with this type of face needs to wear glasses, the first thing they should look for are rectangular type frames, butterfly-shaped and large, very large.

By using wide and eye-catching glasses, the distance between the forehead and the chin will be shortened, narrowing that rectangle a bit and focusing more attention on the central area of the face. It is also recommended to use dark colours, as this will accentuate the shape of the glasses and create a more oval effect on the whole face.

Through this small but concise summary where we explain the main types of face, you will be able to choose your glasses for your face shape and skin tone without making any mistakes. Because eyewear face shapes are something very important that everyone should know to better choose the type of glasses they will wear throughout their life. After all, glasses are a part of millions of people's daily lives, so it's best to know what kind of frames will suit you and what will be a real mistake.

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