5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer


When walking down the street of NYC on a sunny 70 degree day in summer, probably 9 of the 10 people are not wearing sun protection for their eyes. Sunglasses are an easy and fashionable way to keep your eyes healthy so it bewilders why people are not wearing them more.

Almost all of the 60 years old that our doctors see are partially blind due to cataracts, a foggy cloud like disease that forms over the eyes caused by years and years of exposure to UV light.

In this article, we would go over 5 easy and unique ways to protect your eyes this summer as you spend more time outdoors.

1.Get sunglasses with contact lens

This is the choice when customers want to get the coolest and most unique sunglasses with crazy basecurves like Oakley frames, unique designer prints like the Dior oblique or Fendi prints, some crazy oversized shapes, or an incredibly rare and hard to replicate color. Gucci is notorious for oversized sunglasses that are very difficult to replicate into regular sunglasses.

These sunglasses cannot be RX meaning we cannot get a regular lens, tint them, and then edge the lens to that specific shape or replicate the colors.

The best solution to it is getting contact lens. And putting your favorite sunglasses over them.


2.Get prescription sunglasses

Generally, if you want a pair of sunglasses, the optical can tint it. The optical would have an assortment of colors, gradients, and tints for your to choose from. They would either have an outside specialty lab tint it or they have a in-house lab and tinting machine. For the Mott Optical group, we have our own tint machine.  It does take a little bit of time to tint, ranging from 3 to 10 business days to do so don’t plan on going to your optical and wanting your sunglasses tinted and ready for you the next day cause you are leaving for Cabo. It's a time consuming and labor intensive effort from the lab side. 

Also, the optical usually try to match as close as possible to the color you want. It is quite rare or the tinting technician must be incredibly skilled for the tint to match exactly the frame you want. If you are OCD and need the exact same color, we’d recommend keeping your sunglasses and just wearing contacts like what we described above. 


3. Get polarized lens

For outdoor people and people who drive a lot, we do recommend Polarized lens. I have a better explanation for it in my other video on polaroid glasses. Basically, they cut out the glare when you look at window shields, windows, and water surfaces. They are prefect for people who drive a lot, fishermen, and golfers. 

Sunglasses that are polarized are marked with “p” or “polarized” mark on the lens corner. If you need to special order a polarized lens with RX, it takes about 3-5 business days, about the same time as tinting so if you have the choice, it’s recommended you chose polarized instead of tinting. You’ll definitely see clearer and feel better. 


4. Get a transition lens

It just makes you look cooler outdoors and there is no fuss in switching between sunglasses and regular glasses. 

You just walk outside and it turns into sunglasses and walk inside and it turns into regular glasses. You do not have to think about whether or not your eyes are protected, they just are. 


5. Getting transition lens that is also polarized

This is the best of the best option. When your lens changes from light to dark, it will also be a polarized lens as well. This is an all-in-one option that encompasses UV protection, convenience, and vision protection. The best of everything. 

The main drawback of this option is that not all lens material and types come in transition polarized. For example, if you have a super high prescription and need 1.74 index lens, sorry, the manufacturer does not make it. 



If you want more information about your sunglass options and are in NYC area, please come visit the Mott Optical Group Stores

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