How to protect your eyes
from harmful Blue Light?

If you are suffering from "Digital Eye Strain", meaning you have symptoms like uncomfortable eyes that are red, dry or irritated, eye fatigue, blurry vision, watery eyes and headache, you should be aware that the harmful "Blue Light" might be the cause of it. Find Out More

Blue light is a colour in the "visible light spectrum" that can be seen by the human eye and has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy. We've found an article to explain this! Read More Here

Sources of blue light include the sun, digital screens (TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets), electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting. Find Out More

Studies suggest that being exposed to blue light for long periods of time can cause serious eye problems. Find Out More  Extended Reading: High Energy Visible light (HEVL) and Potential Ocular Damage

You can relieve your "Digital Eye Strain" by forming good habits such as blink more often, take a 20-20-20 break, or limit the amount of your screen time (Find More Tips Here). Or you can wear computer glasses that can effectively block the harmful blue light. Please feel free to drop by at our store to learn more about the Blue Light Block lenses and the Blue Light Block coating. Our professional eyewear consultants will answer your questions and give you suggestions on how to choose the right Blue Light Block solution.



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