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About the frame
The retro sensibility of POLYMATH traces its roots to postwar Europe, where the Teddy Boy movement of early-1950s England set the dual currents of fashion and music on a collision course that forever changed the world.

POLYMATH’s subversive reinvention of a menswear staple celebrates the swaggering, working-class appropriation of the Edwardian wardrobe that characterized the Teddy Boy movement in its early days. While the style initially took hold against the backdrop of war-ravaged English cityscapes, it achieved its iconic status when it crossed the pond and infiltrated the wardrobes of rock ‘n roll icons gaining popularity in the United States.

DITA’s innovative manufacturing process allowed for unique innovations not just to the shape of Polymath’s square-frame silhouette, but also to the finely detailed finishes found throughout. Using DITA’s unique chemical annealing process, the lightweight acetate frame takes on a new weight with the help of a groundbreaking stainless steel core lamination process; the end product is 50% thinner than traditional acetate and more than twice as strong. Intricate details, like a decorative etched-metal core and engraved titanium nose pads, earn this classic frame a place in the modern man’s wardrobe.



  • DITA-Laminate
  • Custom Laser-etched Stainless Steel Internal Core Encased in Laminated Acetate
  • Chemical etched design throughout the frame
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight profile
  • Custom titanium nose pads
  • 100% UVA and UVB Lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Made in Japan

Size Guide

51 (lens diameter) - 19 (bridge width) - 150 (temple length)

Lens Guide

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