Korean brand TRUTH (Eyewear) is trying to approach daily-wear eyewear differently. With simple lines blending modern and vintage designs, TRUTH (Eyewear) has created a refreshing and artistic look that’s perfect for any occasion.




TRUTH (Eyewear) offers frames made of all materials with a variety of designs. Its metal frames are light with clean lines and a refurbished vintage look. Acetate frames take on a bolder look with everything from cat-eye shapes to aviator sunglasses to tortoiseshell looks.


All of the designs are incredibly subtle and not unnecessarily attention-grabbing. But they aren’t boring either. Far from it. Each frame has a new twist on the looks they were inspired by. Whether it’s a slightly altered pattern or something new on the arms, TRUTH’s glasses are genuinely impressive.



TRUTH (Eyewear) offers something for everyone, and its philosophy of simplicity and happiness are evident everywhere.




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