Shades We Love: Spring Edition



Shades We Love: Spring Edition

Get into the Spring Vibe with us and check out these great styles we picked for dressing up your eyes in spring. Dive right in and get inspired today!



Chapter I: Pink and Reflected

Frame No.1
"Dior Abstract" Sunglasses, Pink

Frame No.2 and No.3
Left (also featured here): "Dior Sideral" Sunglasses, Rose Gold
Right: "Dior Reflected" Sunglasses, Pink/White



Chapter II: Blue and Cat-eye Addicted

Frame No.4
"Dior Diorama Club" Sunglasses, Blue/Black
Frame No.5
"Dior Liner" Sunglasses, Blue/Light Gold


Chapter III: Round and Playful (Colorful)

Featuring new Ray-Ban sunglasses exclusively available at Mott Optical Group stores


Chapter IV: Bold and Iconic (for guys)

Frame No.10 (top)
Cazal Sunglasses, Black/Gold

Frame No.11 (middle)
ic! berlin Sunglasses, Black/Gold

Frame No.12 (bottom)
ic! berlin Sunglasses, Black
Frame No.13 (left)
Ray-Ban General Sunglasses, Silver 

Frame No.14 (right)
Ray-Ban General Sunglasses, Black




Want to try a pair on?

Please Note: Some styles might only be available at selected stores, please always call stores first to check the availability of certain styles. Also, please feel free to email us if you're interested in any styles above, so we can send one (for you to try on) to a store near you.