Proprietary digital lenses



Introducing the Mott Optical Group Proprietary Digital Lenses
We offer a bespoke digital lens crafted with the finest materials and careful attention to detail to pair with your frame and individual wearing habits.


Mott Optical Group Japanese design lenses are crafted with the most innovative technologies and digitally optimized for advanced sharpness and clarity.  The Japanese Digital Surfacing Technology provides you with unsurpassed vision.


These exclusive lenses also feature multiple coatings for greater overall protection. They include a multi-layered anti-reflective coating that reduces eye strain, includes oil and water repellent properties to facilitate easier cleaning, enhanced scratch resistance, and greater protection from harmful UV rays and harmful blue light from digital devices

They also include an extra boost to help the eye muscles to relax and focus more easily, enhancing visual comfort during prolonged screen time.The relaxing power of these lenses adds a slight prescription to allow you to see your computer screens and iphones more comfortably.


1. What’s the difference between traditional and digital lenses?

Traditional lenses are produced using pre-molded templates. The same design as well is used for every wearer which may cause some distortion for some. Digital lenses are fabricated based on the wearer’s prescription using computer controlled surfacing equipment that is more precise than the conventional tools. It creates a high - definition lens that provides the widest field of view, sharper image quality, better peripheral vision, and improves your ability to distinguish subtle differences in light versus dark the regular traditional lenses.

2. What is this boost technology in Mott Optical properietary lenses?

Boost technology in Most Optical lenses allow for optimized lens design for digital device usage. The “boost zone” is located at the bottom of the lens, optimized for the way patients use their eyes today. 

The “boost zone” increases the power of the lens. The advantages of boost technology is that it helps to relax the eye muscles and focus more easily which relieves eye strain and enhances visual comfort during up close activities in a digital world. This allows for more comfort and protection for the eyes.

3. Am I a good candidate for digital lenses? 

Digital lenses are available in single-vision, high-index and progressive lenses. Virtually anybody would be a good candidate for digital lenses. Those who need a single vision lens can experience impeccable clarity and most precise prescription. Those who need progressive lens can have clear vision at any distance. The lenses are available in thin and light materials, making them ideal for long wear, even with the strongest prescriptions.


Stop by your Mott Optical Group store and ask our eyewear consultants how these lenses can help you.