Whether you are driving, going out for a walk, or playing your favorite sport, UV light and glare from the sun is everywhere. 

Protect your eyes and see clearer, more comfortably outdoors with our outdoor lens option.

Tinted Prescription Lens 

At Mott Optical Group,  we can take your favorite color and tint it onto your prescription sunglasses.  You have the power adjust how dark, light, and whether it has a gradient color effect. The possibilities are endless since we do all our tinting in-house and can get most single vision prescriptions back to you within a week.  We also partnered with some of the most prestigious labs to provide flash mirror lenses.

Let our eyewear consultants show you the choices of colors you can choose from when you visit us.

Transition Lens 

Forget about the hassle of carrying around both a pair of glasses and sunglasses. Transition lenses, or the more technical term, Photochromatic lens, would automatically change colors when  exposed to UV light from the sun. 

A new generation of Transition lenses gets darker faster outdoors and clear up faster indoors, making going indoors and outside easier on the eyes. 

It provides 100% UV protection and  helps filter harmful blue light. 

Polarized Lens 

Polarized lenses, an incredible technology,  cuts out the reflective glare from outdoor surfaces like water surfaces and car windshields. 

The crispness and sharpness of vision from polarized lens is unparalleled and much better than just a tinted sunglass.  It's a fantastic lens for people who drive, fish,  golf, or enjoy other outdoor activities.

If you like to have your lens be transition and also polarized, ask your eyecare consultant at Mott Optical Group about Transition Vantage. It will change colors when exposed to UV light and will be also be a polarized lens.