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Dear Friends,

Come join our Friends & Family SALE Event on Sunday, 11/18, 3-7pm at our Brooklyn store - MK Vision Center Brooklyn (805 60th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220)! Enjoy FREE food & drinks, 15% OFF frames (or 20% OFF if you bring your friends & family to shop), and a big RAFFLE to win FREE Gucci frames, Ray-Ban sunglasses, store gift cards and more! Please see below for more information or call (718) 851-4886 to RSVP TODAY!

**Please Note: Offer ONLY valid on 11/18 from 3-7pm at MK Vision Center Brooklyn store. For all customers, you’ll enjoy 15% OFF ALL frames. If you bring your friends & family with you, you and your friend/family member each will enjoy 20% OFF ALL frames. Complete pair purchase required. For more details or RSVP, please call (718) 851-4886 or visit MK Vision Center Brooklyn directly.**
Event Details in Chinese:

親愛的顧客您們好,永昌眼鏡公司(布碌侖分店-布碌侖60街805號)誠邀您參加本店於11/18周日下午3-7點舉行的超級親友歡享日活動,活動時間段購買整副眼鏡可享受鏡框85折優惠!不限品牌!假如您帶您的親朋好友一起過來消費,您和您的朋友們均可享受(折上折)鏡框8折優惠!有沒有很心動呢?活動當天我們會提供免費的小點心和飲料供您享用,還有大抽獎等您來贏取!獎品包括GUCCI古馳眼鏡,RAY-BAN雷朋太陽眼鏡,以及其他名品鏡框和門店代金券。心動不如行動,趕快撥打我們的電話(718) 851-4886來預約您的位置吧,我們將恭候您的光臨!*本公司擁有最終解釋權,更多詳情請致至門店咨詢。*




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