Spending most of your days in front of digital devices such as your cell phone, iPad, computer, or television screen is phenomenon has only happened recently and rapidly become the norm.

 Your eyes, though, unfortunately have not adapted to this radical change in habit.


There are potential short-term, medium- term, and long-term problems for your eye health.  

Even though your eyes were not made for digital devices, Mott Optical Group have lenses that are.  

Reduce eye fatigue and eye strain with blue-light filtering glasses

Are your eyes tired after a long day of staring at your computer screen? 

Ask our eyewear consultants for

 "Blue light protection" in your lens options and we will add a clear, everyday lens that reduce the high energy that radiates from your digital devices, reducing the eyestrain when you're on your 3rd Zoom call meeting of the day.

Sleep Better by Blocking Blue Light


Blue light suppresses Melatonin; a chemical your brain releases that regulates the circadian rhythm or your biological clock. If you look at digital devices at night without a blue light filter, you are essentially tricking your brain to think it is still light out.

 That means blue light would throw off your sleep cycle and you'll be tired but can't fall asleep or vice versa. 

Prevent Macular Degeneration and Blindness

A long-term, more worrisome effect of prolonged blue light exposer is the development of macular degeneration: an un-curable form of blindness where spots appear in your sight. 

Just like how UV causes Cataracts, high exposure to blue light has been linked to macular degeneration.   

Mott Optical Group Solutions

The Mott Optical Group offers a few solutions to help you see better in front of your digital devices.

The first option we have are lenses with anti-blue light block properties. 

Another option that we provide is a advance coating that not only filter blue light, but also prevents UV, have anti-glare, and is scratch resistant properties. The brands we offer which have these properties are the French designed and manufactured Crizal prevencia blue light blocking coating and Japanese designed Hoya So Blue and Recharge. Both utilizes the latest in blue light filter technology so you can see more comfortably in front of digital devices. 

Ask a Mott Optical group eyewear consultant which is best for you!