How to: Make Suki Eyewear Fit Any Occasion


How to: Make Suki Eyewear Fit Any Occasion

When it comes to style, occasion matters. The lightweight design and versatility make Suki Eyewear a great choice for any occasion. We invited Helen Yu, a Hong Kong based fashionista, cosmopolitan, financier, and Instagrammer to test our theory of Suki Eyewear.




A Day at the Office

Working in finance in a fast-paced and demanding city like Hong Kong and New York is tough. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk day in and day out. You embody the culture by what you wear. A well designed frame like Suki, with its sleek look and clean lines, exuberates sophistication that I want to present at work.




As an up and coming Instagrammer, I constantly look for unique fashion pieces that look great, feel great, and I can start a conversation with. The new Epoxy Crystal collection really plays around with textures. The elegant stone-like finish adds a little bit personality to the frame while keeping the classic Suki look. That’s my go-to frame when I am instagramming, it’s simple but with a little bit of a twist.



Casual Weekend

Casual weekend doesn’t mean you should compromise your style. Walking through the beautiful Central Park in New York City or relaxing at home in my Hong Kong apartment requires something that fits comfortably yet looks great. Picking up a pair of Suki seems natural; it is incredibly lightweight and stylish, making my weekend look seem effortless.



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