Fall & Winter 2020 Eyewear Trends

Fashion Eyeglasses

Fashion Eyeglasses


If you are enamored with fashion eyeglasses, then you will surely be thrilled to know about the eyeglasses for fall as well as the eyeglasses for winter. Yes, winter will be coming around the corner soon with colder weather. But this does not mean that it is time to put away the sunglasses.

In fact, it is fashionable this winter to wear various types of sunglasses and they can help to take the glare off the snow when the sun is making it glisten. Also, even if the day is not particularly bright when you are out in the winter, wearing nice looking fashionable sunglasses is a terrific way to camouflage the fact that your eyes are tired or that you are upset about something.

It is noted that there is a moving away from sunglasses that are elongated and slim. Now, the trend is to promote the wearing of sunglasses that fill a larger portion of the face, which are quite oversized. Here we will address some of the trending types of sunglasses for the fall and winter season for your consideration.


1. Shield Sunglasses

Fashion Shield Eyeglasses

A hot trend that is gaining powerful momentum at this present time is sunglasses that look like a shield. The design tends to have lenses that cross over and that most definitely are oversized. This is a trend that is noted as having a sporty flare. 

But fashionistas are still deciding to pair them with any of their favorite outfits. The other type of glasses is noted as being shield type sunglasses that present a more streamlined approach with simply a touch of a sporty appeal. The shape is elongated, but not slim. Also, there was the application of mirroring to the lenses, so the eyes are not visible.

2. Cat Eye Glamor

Retro sunglasses have reappeared that are shaped like cat eyes. They tend to present a tone that is both flattering and flirty. If you tend to have a wider or fuller face, then these sunglasses are a wonderful option to make your face look much slimmer. In addition, when you want to feel more elegant and glamorous, these are the sunglasses to wear, as they will most assuredly give you that classy vibe. 

This design is timeless. Some sunglasses are adding plastic frames in colors that are playful, along with prints that are thrilling. These sunglasses tend to present a bit of a rounder essence to the shape of the cat eye. 

3. Large Squares

 Fashion Large Squares Eyeglasses

Many people are loving the sunglasses that have lenses in the form of large squares. While these glasses may not complement all shapes of faces super well, they are glamorous and also highly conceptual, which makes them so appealing. Thus, if they flatter your type of face, then do wear them, as they will elevate the beauty of your appearance most definitely. 

Some square sunglasses are placing tiny jewels on the metal frame of the glasses. As well, some glasses are applying lenses with intriguing colors.

4. Glam in Oversize

If you are not able to wear the square sunglasses well, you can still find some other sunglasses this winter season that will suit you, as there is fabulous eyewear that is all about glam in oversize. The sunglasses are dramatic, because they are so extra-large. Some are semi-square in shape and some are semi-round in shape. 

Therefore, you can decide which ones will best suit your face and the look you desire to achieve. You can even get sunglasses that have frames that are covered in silver glitter to heighten the drama of these already dramatic sunglasses.

5. Decor on Top of Rim

 Fashion Decorated Eyeglasses

If you are looking for sunglasses that provide more of an embellishment feature, then you will enjoy the sunglasses that are being decorated at the top area of the rim with a hint of metal. Some are ostentatious and blingy. In some instances, you may even find lenses that are covered with some pretty jewels. 

This makes the sunglasses stunningly attractive, but not necessarily practical. But when the decor is just on the rim, the sunglasses are both attractive and practical. Some sunglasses are applying floral decor for a soft feminine vibe. 

If you would like to get yourself some new sunglasses to be fashionable this fall and winter season, then you need to shop at our store. We provide top quality eyewear that will add drama and glamor to all your outfits this fall and winter season.

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