Reserve in Store


Reserve in Store

Mott Optical Group is proud to introduce our reserve in store feature right here on

We know how hard it is to shop online for glasses as the fit and comfort of a pair of glasses cannot be known through pictures. We also know how overwhelming choosing frames in-store is sometimes with so many frames to choose from.

Therefore, you can shop hundreds of our frames at the comfort at your own home and reserve in store by simply:
1) Chose the frame and styles you would like to try on
2) Click the reserve at store button at the frame you like
3) Chose the time and date you would visit our store
4) Chose the location that is most convenient for you.

Then, someone from our team will notify you when your frame is ready to try-on. There is no commitment and it’s totally risk-free.

That’s it!
Happy Shopping!

(As some styles sell very quickly, some of the styles on may not be available in store and need to be ordered. We will let you know if that is the case.)