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Gucci Chinese RED Limited Edition

Gucci is well-known for being one of the most iconic brands in fashion, with its bold and unapologetic design. Worn and adored by celebrities, as well as the average person looking for style, Gucci is a great choice for anyone looking for something a little quirky to add to their style. For anybody into the Chinese New Year season and proud of their heritage, or anyone who supports the ideas or simply the red and gold decor, Gucci has released RED, a limited edition frame in honor of Chinese New Year.



Chinese actress Ni Ni wearing Gucci RED Sunglasses


With a vintage gold-dotted look reminiscent of 1950s cinema, a sleek circular shape, and quaint gold arms, RED is definitely no joke. The red and gold coloring definitely reminds us of the holiday season and Chinese culture, but is a timeless combination for anything from Christmas to the fourth of July! Its smooth, light design and quality build will be a great addition to anyone’s eyewear collection.

Chinese actress Ni Ni wearing Gucci RED Sunglasses


RED is only available at limited retailers, and luckily for us, we are one of them! These frames are extremely exclusive and inspired by a rich heritage that we are proud to be part of. If you’re even slightly interested by these new Gucci frames, head on over to take a look. You won’t regret it. We hope to see you soon!




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