Essential for our Essentials



When COVID-19 struck NYC in March, we had to shutter all of our stores and close our operations to keep our staff and patients safe. However, we saw that essential workers were in need of PPE  and were leaving their eyes especially exposed.


We wanted to help.

We immediately contacted our friends at Hoya Optical to see if they could provide lenses and reached out to our patients to see which organizations we could help.

On May 28th, we delivered 200 pairs of Mott and Bayard glasses to essential workers at the Montifore Medical Rehab Center in the Bronx and to the Queens Center of Progress.

Eyewear adds an extra layer of protection to prevent droplets from entering your eyes and we are happy to help contribute to essential workers’ protection.

 We would like to thank our lens partner, Hoya, for providing the lens and the lab service, Thea Cohen at Montefiore, and Dainty at the Queens Center of Progress in coordinating with us to deliver these glasses to our essential worker heroes.

We hope that as we reopen our stores, essential workers continue to stay protected, have clear sight, and a vision for tomorrow.