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Titanium Eyewear

Titanium is the most precious and sought-after material in eyewear. Just by using titanium, some brands, like Gucci, can command a 30% price premium over their regular metal or acetate frames. 

Why is this the case? 

There are many reasons why titanium is such a sought-after material and popularly used in eyewear. Long story short: it is light and durable. The metal's two most valuable properties are corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio, the highest of any metallic element.

Titanium is one of the best materials for eyewear because a lot of the weight of a complete frame and lens is because of the lens. The lens usually gets heavier as your prescription goes up, and usually, high index lenses are recommended to keep things on the lighter side. For something that sits on your face for 8+ hours a day and only on four pressure points, any weight reduction would go a long way, and the frame is where you should reduce that weight.

I would go over three types of titanium-made frames from 3 different countries: Italy, Denmark, and Japan.

Retrospecs Titanium Frame Eyeglasses

Image by Retrospecs

First, we can talk about MK x Retrospect, an Italian-made line. This line is exclusive to the Mott Optical Group stores and made in limited quantities. There are only six styles in the capsule collection. Mott Optical Group partnered with Retrospecs, an Italian brand, and made a collection that takes classic styles and gives it a modern twist to it. They are a timeless look and use more refined, more premium material. All of them are hand-made and crafted individually.

Ma-ji Masatomo Titanium Frame Eyeglasses

Image by Ma-ji Masatomo

Second, we have Ma-ji, a Japanese-based line exclusive to the Mott Optical Group. Japanese titanium is the finest, most advanced industry and sought after by top brands such as Gucci and Cartier. Usually, they retail for over 400 dollars, but because the Mott Optical Group directly sourced it from Ma-ji’s factory, it retails for around 200-300 dollars at our stores. What is unique about the design of Ma-ji is that it is trendy and not afraid to take some risks with its design. Some are more oversized round frames, and some are double-barred. It’s unconventional but surprisingly wearable. The titanium on the design adds an extra touch of lightness and durability.


Lindberg Titanium Frame Eyeglasses

Image by Lindberg

Finally, we have Lindberg. One of the best-designed eyewear in the industry with over 99 design rewards. Their reward is based on how much design prowess they can fit into such a small space.

Their air titanium rim collection is their wired titanium frame collection. The design is remarkably discreet and timelessly elegant – ideal for any face and any appearance. A classic minimalist statement that up-ended contemporary eyewear and has no real competitors.

Along with their classic rectangular-shaped frame, they also use the wireframe to make unique shapes, including round, oval, aviator, and my favorite, the more modified, angular aviator shape.

Again, Lindberg uses only a particular type of titanium, which is also used for pacemakers and dental regulation. In addition to being hypoallergenic, this type of titanium is extremely lightweight, flexible, and strong.

Their hinge is also very unique: it is screwless, and does not loosen easily, and therefore does not need constant attention.

To get this piece of design on your face will cost you around $500-600. Is it worth it? If it’s a piece that will last you a lifetime, then it definitely will. I’ve seen people in the optical bring back the same Lindberg rim frame for over a decade to change the lens, and it still holds up.

There you have it: Three titanium lines from three different countries, each with its unique design approach to using the material.

Stop by the Mott Optical Group to see all these styles in person and experience Titanium eyewear's lightness in person.

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